OYB 2020 Postponed! New date: Sun 20th September

Due to the unique global situation, we have decided to postpone On Your Bike from March 29th to Sunday 20th September.

The registrations of all those who have already entered the March ride will be held over and we will announce new information as soon as we can, so please check this web page for updates.

One of our 3 chosen charities this year is Sonning Common First Responders. Given the enormous pressure on our emergency services at this time, and their reliance on voluntary donations, we have decided that 50% of the money we have received so far from entries, will be paid out to our First Responders, and 50% to Greenshoots.

The money we have received from sponsors will be retained to support the preparations for the re-scheduled ride and together with other receipts will be shared out after the ride has taken place.

Our most important message to everyone is to stay fit and healthy and exercise if you can. A family bike ride would be an excellent idea, keeping a sensible distance!

We wish everyone all the very best over these coming weeks.

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